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Can you name FE characters by their FEH Voice Quotes?

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Weary, friend? You may always rest your head in my lap.
Hope you're not skipping meals, cheif! Bad idea!
Others might trifle with me, but I suspect you won't make that mistake.
Shall I tell you of my lover? Why not. He's the best man in my world!
Ready to train? Then punch me hard, right in the gut.
Shucks...hair's outta control again.
You're such a great tactician. Could you teach me to be the same?
Best to speak the truth: I'll never be as strong as I ought to be.
Pretty good food today. Who was on cooking duty?
It's a shame if a woman doesn't look as powerful as she feels. Don't you agree?
Care for a cup of tea?
You ain't half bad, haha! Not half good, either.
Your kindness and concern for others is the reason so many people look up to you. I'm sure of it.
Did you bring me a little gift? Or a big one?
I'm...I don't know, there's no good word. Shy?
I run a small shop. Perhaps...you can visit someday.
I will make it home at all costs. She's waiting for me.
Ah! O-oh, you startled me, you trickster you!
I'll be the one who protects Lady Celica.
I'm pretty good with a bow! Or, that's what they say.
These clothes were a gift from my father. I wear them in his honor.
The path to mastering the sword is a lonely one.
Spying, assassination, and burglary are my specialties. Decent lockpick, too.
I have a destiny. I will fulfill it.
This armor is SO heavy. I feel like I'm going to tip over!
Here's some advice: let the fools spread gossip. The rest of us have work to do.
You heard the way I talk, but that's just the way I talk.
Alfonse and Sharena and Anna are the best! You're the best, too!
I LOVE this team you've built! What other tricks have you got up your sleeve?
It seems every world is war-torn.

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