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Description of the studyResearcher(s)Year
money as a tool to extinguish conditioned in response in cocaine adicts, desensitization (dealing with money but not receiving drugs)
implicit attitude formation through classical conditioning, pokemon paired with a positive or negative word, subjects rated their 'opinion' of the pokemon
major twin study (what's the name of the study?)
rats in a maze, cognitive map
kids watch adults play with bobo doll, observational learning
split brain
Languageā€™s Affect on Thought, Americans and Chinese, different concepts of spatial timing (Thinking of months top to bottom vs. left to right)
woman had half of her brain removed, relearned how to move other half of her body, nerual plasticity
superstition in the pigeon, pigeons thought their actions made the food come, resulted in shaping of strange actions
eyewitness testimony, the affects of questions on memory of an event
dogs shocked, learned helplessness
rats in different cages with different levels of stimulation, cortical thickness

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