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Can you give an alternative palindromic phrase that means the same as the phrase given?

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Non-PalindromePalindromeWord lengths
solitary phenol derivative6,7
Shakespearean king is setting Middle Eastern country on fire4'1,8,6
Margaret's jewel3'1,3
an angry killer whale1,5,4
not excluding the end of a day4,2,3
refrain from moving your head3'1,3
swallow an electrical connector4,1,4
Venetian nobleman deity4,3
wading bird as a drug agent5,4
puddings I traumatised8,1,10
woody plants that are prophets4,5
stand up, knight4,3
new peasant5,4
sour rodent4,3
what a shame, footwear3,3,1,4
a week's ends of days5,4
one Japanese car1,6
single chrysalis1,4
shopping centre for South American camelid5,4

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