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Can you name the words (both of them, in any order) that are only different by one letter?

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Clue 1WordsClue 2
Eastern UK county, one of the home counties9th largest city in Germany
Desert in Southern AfricaAlternative spelling for battered squid
Dairy productClub mainly used on the green
Composer who wrote the MiserereFast, in Italian
South-East Asian countryToilets
_____ Cadabby, Sesame Street characterSwedish pop group
StinkingLearning how to write words correctly
Capital of SwitzerlandSeabird
Clue 1WordsClue 2
W in George W BushPerambulated
____ Cheney, Vice president to George W BushThe string in a candle
____ and Kodos, Simpsons aliensPlaying card
Wills and ____ 2011 British Royal WeddingKarma, destiny
Piano Man, _____ Joel song_____ Brandt, Nobel Peace Prize winner 1971
Seabird with colourful beakCan follow 'Chocolate Chip' or English
A tree, or part of your handTranquil

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