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Pyramid 1
__ and behold 
Lion, to an astrologer 
Lion, to a Spaniard, or The Professional 
A yellow citrus fruit 
Tasting like the above 
Pyramid 2
__ the beginning, there was the Word... 
Roughly 586ml, with no rhyme 
The 'opposite' of handwrite 
Run really fast for a short period of time 
Pyramid 3
Part of Freud's psyche 
Partake in an auction 
Remain or stay somewhere 
A woman getting married 
Headgear used to control a horse 
Pyramid 4
Early Christian hymns: Laudamus ___, ___ Deum 
Head or skull 
Talk foolishly or tediously 
Buccaneer, swashbuckler 
Pyramid 5
Regarding or replying to 
A small river in Birmingham, UK 
Authentic coin? 
Relating to the kidneys 
The act of paying for the use of something 
Pyramid 6
19th most common word; scale degree 
A female deer 
Sweetheart, young gal 
Beast of burden 
Pyramid 7
George William Russell's pen name 
Tailless primate 
Material made from wood pulp 
Poor man 
Pyramid 8
Indecisive Roman gold? 
French (French) horn 
Centre of a planet (or an apple) 
Device that removes centres of apples 
Where two edges meet 
Pyramid 9
Gein, Wood or Sheeran 
Was in debt 
Shone or radiated heat. 
Pyramid 10
An interjection of laughter or disbelief. 
Repeated, Latin American dance 
____ and Dave, English 'rockney' duo 
A hunt or pursuit 
Celibate, simple or modest 
Pyramid 11
Porridge grain 
Aquatic vehicle 
Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakhstani journalist 
Oxyanion containing the element B 
Pyramid 12
You, or the 
Scottish plural of the above 
Rock also known as Uluru 
Pyramid 13
A secular way of dating years, instead of A.D. 
Cuban revolutionary Guevara 
A pain 
A suffix meaning the onset of something 
Bowman, or FX adult animated series 
Pyramid 14
Rapper; released 'Whatever You Like' 
A rectangular graphic or sheet of clay. 
The name of a work 
A dot above an i or j. 
Pyramid 15
If in French, a colander in Danish. 
Envy, wrath, etc. 
Opposite over hypotenuse 
A backbone, or bound edge of a book 
A compact harpsichord or piano 
Pyramid 16
Mother, dialectically 
A set of awards awarded by MTV 
An ethnic group from the DRC, or a prefix indicating blood 
Skeletor's arch-nemesis 
Musical writer behind, amongst others, La Cage aux Folles 
Pyramid 17
The start of all Monopoly games 
Gunge, slime 
Full of energy; or, relating to the music of discos 
Russian author who wrote Taras Bulba and Diary of a Madman 
10 to the power of 10^2 
Pyramid 18
Physically in contact with and supported by a surface 
Short for a day of the week, or 'my' in French 
An elementary particle with charge -1 and spin-1⁄2, but heavier than an electron 
The smallest element of genetic material capable of undergoing a distinct mutation 
The meat of an adult sheep 
Pyramid 19
The standard accent of Standard English, in short 
Tear, or a wish for a dead person 
Matured to a point when it can be eaten 
Edible offal from the stomachs of farm animals 
Three times 
Pyramid 20
The prefix for English Wikipedia's URL, or half an em space 
Half the final clue of this pyramid 
A portable shelter of cloth, used in camping. 
Scottish dialect for 'attentive' 
This pyramid 

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