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Can you name the words and phrases which contain three of each letter of the alphabet?

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Fear of open spacesA
Air contained in a sphere, esp. of soapy liquidB
Discordant or unmusicalC
Totaled upD
Balkan countryE
Anything light, soft or fuzzy, can be found in belly buttonsF
Song by Mack Gordon and Harry Warden, made popular by the Glenn Miller Orchestra (also contains three Cs, three As and six Os)H
Capital of IndianaI
Where you might go to learn a certain martial art with very little, if any, weaponryJ
Hitting somebody backwards with your footK
Sweet on a stickL
How the Ancient Egyptians preserved their kings (also contains three Is)M
A fixed-length period in a sports gameN
Weasel-like African creatureO
Young dogP
A female monarch celebrating her Golden JubileeQ
More scarceR
Ink art on the bodyT
The constellation of the little horseU
One of Renault's slogansV
28th President of the United StatesW
Three sizes above largeX
Location and City of the Statue of LibertyY
Flair or vigour (four Zs)Z

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