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Can you name the Harry Potter Places, People and Things?

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Where Harry, Ron, and Hermione spend most of their evenings and free periods.A room that a person can only enter when he or she has real need of it. The headquarters of the D.A.
Headmaster of Hogwarts. He is regarded as the finest wizard of his generation and is the only person Voldemort is frightened of.Shrinking Charm.
The Hufflepuff House ghost. An Acromantula that lives in the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid's former pet.
A spell causes conjured objects to attack. Hermione uses this spell to make magical birds attack Ron.Counter spell to Lumos.
The Wizarding pub and boarding house through which witches and wizards gain access to Diagon Alley.Harry's Best Friend. Full Name.
Hourglass that allows the wearer to travel back in time.The Weasly family's elderly owl.
Neville's pet toad.A secret society founded by Dumbledore dedicated to fighting against Lord Voldemort.
Employee of the Department of Mysteries. No one knows what they do.Irish elf or pixie. Small and able to fly. They are the Irish Quidditch team mascots.
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The name normal wizards give to Lord Voldemort. School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The best school of its kind in the world.
One of the centaurs who lives in the Forbidden Forest.Resident ghost of Gryffindor tower.
A very large, venomous snake kept by Voldemort.Magical creature that can find buried treasure.
Red ball used for scoring in Quidditch.A spell that dangles your opponent upside-down in the air by the ankle.
Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports. A former Quidditch player who once played for England.When it is mature the cry of this plant is fatal to anybody who hears it.
Seeker for the Bulgarian national Quidditch team. Pupil at Durmstrang.Harry's fifth year Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. She is arguably one of the most evil characters in the series.
A curse that slashes its victim open as though with a sword.One of the four houses of Hogwarts. It symbol is an eagle and its resident ghost is The Grey Lady

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