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Hints - MerlinAnswerHints - HP
The show is named after him.Spell that produces flames.
Merlin's elderly disguise.Where the students of Hogwarts eat.
The home to the immortal Sidhe and resting place of Freya, Elyan, Lancelot and Arthur Pendragon.Gryffindor student Neville's last name.
Item used to kill the Fisher King.The core inside Harry Potter's wand.
Also known as Kilgharrah.This has 12 uses. One is a powerful cleaning fluid.
Merlin's favourite insult.Proffesser Flitwick is this.
The Druid who ends up mortally wounding Arthur before being killed by the king himself. Goblin-like creature found in places where bloodshed has occurred. They lie in wait to bludgeon the lost.
Guardian of the Unicorns.Sluggish potion master.
The Camelot colours.This object is caught by the seeker.
Hints - MerlinAnswerHints - HP
Also known as just 'The Tavern'.The collective name given to the Killing Curse, the Imperius Curse and the Cruciatus Curse.
Strong friend of Lancelot.Spell that unlocks doors.
Merlin's female disguise.When it is mature the cry of this plant is faptal to anybody who hears it.
Gwen's brother.Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew & James Potter were all one of these.
Merlin's Best Friend.A spell that dangles your opponent upside down in the air by their ankle.
The village Merlin grew up in.A secret society founded by Dumbledore dedicated to fighting against Lord Voldemort.
Arthur Pendragon's uncle.Resident ghost of Gryffindor tower.
Merlin's father.Hagrid's baby dragon.
Character who only speaks in riddles and rhymes - The Dark TowerDumbledore's Army member Hannah's last name.

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