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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about the Seinfeld episode 'The Marine Biologist'?

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What is the name of Jerry's favourite yellow T-shirt?
What is the name of the Russian author Elaine is meeting?
What does Jerry claim was the original title of the novel 'War and Peace'?
What gift does Kramer give to Elaine?
Where does Kramer keep a record of his appointments?
What is the name of Jerry's friend from college who he sets up with George?
What does Jerry tell her George's current profession is?
George is upset because he always wanted to pretend he was __ _________?
What, according to Jerry, is George trying to lower in whales?
Which brand of golf ball does Kramer use in this episode?
How many golf balls does he acquire from the driving range?
Which beach does Kramer visit?
What does Testikov throw from the limo because it won't stop beeping?
Who plays Corinne, the woman hit by said object?
What does Testikov throw from his hotel window, striking Corinne on the head again?
Who does Kramer hit with his shoe when he accidentally drops it out of a window?
What does George claim the octopus has lost through evolution?
Whose voice can be heard at the beach asking: 'Is anyone here a marine biologist?'
Complete the quote: 'The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to ____ ____ ____ __ _ ____.'
As if sensing George's presence the whale let out a great bellow, to which George replied:
George mistakenly believes the whale to be a great ____?
Where, on the whale, is the obstruction?
What is causing the obstruction?
Who says: 'A hole in one.'?
What is the name of Jerry's new favourite blue t-shirt?

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