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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about the Seinfeld episode 'The Contest'?

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Who wrote this episode?
In what year did 'The Contest' first air?
What magazine was George reading when his mother 'caught him'?
What is George, Jerry and Kramer's stake in the contest?
What is Elaine's stake in the contest?
Where are the four characters gathered when contest is initiated?
Who was the first to declare: 'I'M OUT!'?
What caused him/her to cave so quickly?
Complete the quote: 'Are you ______ of your ______?'
Who was the 'King of the County'?
Who was the 'Lord of the Manor'?
Who was the 'Queen of the Castle'?
What was the nickname given to Jerry's girlfriend Marla in this episode?
Played by Jane Leeves, she went on to star in what other NBC sitcom?
Which cartoon does Jerry watch in this episode?
Which former President's son does Elaine meet at the gym?
Which recurring character makes her debut in this episode?
Who is played by?
What is the name of George's cousin who appears in this episode?
What does George give his mom to eat in the hospital?
According to the episode 'The Puffy Shirt' who won the contest?
According to the episode 'The Finale' who actually won the contest?
Which award did 'The Contest' win at Primetime Emmy Awards?
Where did 'The Contest' rank on TV Guide's Top 100 Episodes of All-Time?
According to an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which NBA star considered 'The Contest' to be his favourite Seinfeld episode?

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