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Can you name the My Top 3 Metallica Songs Per Album?

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'For now you have got some company'Kill 'Em All
'You people make me do it'Kill 'Em All
'The taste of leather on your lips'Kill 'Em All
'Who made you God to say, I'll take your life from you?''Ride The Lightning
'I was me, but now he's gone'Ride The Lightning
'Eyes of glass stare directly at death'Ride The Lightning
'No one leaves and no one will'Master of Puppets
'More a man, more stripes you wear, glory seeker trends'Master of Puppets
(instrumental)Master of Puppets
'You can do it your own way, if it’s done just how I say'...And Justice For All
'Suspicion is your name'...And Justice For All
'Growing conspiracy, everyone’s after me'...And Justice For All
'They dedicate their lives to running all of his'Metallica (The Black Album)
'And the road becomes my bride'Metallica (The Black Album)
'Pride that you felt when you'd kneel'Metallica (The Black Album)
'You arrived, but now it’s time to kiss your ass goodbye'Load
'Caught under wheel's roll'Load
'And if I close my mind in fear, please pry it open'Load
'Come squeeze and suck the day'ReLoad
'The trash fire is warm'ReLoad
'And in time, the needles turn from shine to rust'ReLoad
'This house is clean, baby'St. Anger
'She holds the pen that spells the end'St. Anger
'Lose myself in a crowded room'St. Anger
'Like a raging river drowning when I only need a drink'Death Magnetic
'Drop the hourglass of time'Death Magnetic
'You're just the funeral I've been waiting for'Death Magnetic

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