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'Won't you come into my room, I wanna show you all my wares'Iron Maiden
(instrumental)Iron Maiden
'The only place where you can dream, living here is not what it seems'Iron Maiden
'I can see what a life's meant to be'Killers
'The devil's got a hold on my soul and he just won't let me be'Killers
'Run before the killers go free'Killers
'If there's a God then why has he let me go?'The Number of the Beast
'The ritual has begun, Satan's work is done'The Number of the Beast
'If you kill me it's self defense, and if I kill ya' then I call it vengeance'The Number of the Beast
'Nightmares, coming all the time'Piece of Mind
'His eyes are ablaze, see the madman in his gaze'Piece of Mind
'The Eyes of the Nile are opening, you'll see'Piece of Mind
'As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean'Powerslave
'Into the abyss I'll fall, the eye of Horus'Powerslave
'Fight for the honor, fight for the splendor, fight for your life'Powerslave
'Don't be afraid you're safe with me, safe as any soul can be'Somewhere In Time
'I have a lust for the earth below'Somewhere In Time
'On towards the sea we go'Somewhere In Time
'You'll be mine soon, child'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
'Your life or death on me depends'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
'The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
'Burning records, burning books, holy soldiers, Nazi looks'No Prayer For The Dying
'Knock on wood, you know I like that sound'No Prayer For The Dying
'Dance of the Tsars'No Prayer For The Dying
'No hope, no life, just pain and fear'Fear of the Dark
'Spend your days full of emptiness, spend your years full of loneliness'Fear of the Dark
'I have a constant fear that something's always near'Fear of the Dark
'Alone again, alone again, I'm here on my own'The X Factor
'Why then is God still protecting me, even when I don't deserve it?'The X Factor
'I'm scarred for life, but it's not my flesh that's wounded'The X Factor
'Feel someone's watching you'Virtual XI
'I feel the breeze on my face in expectance'Virtual XI
'Sometimes it feels like a game of deadly hide and seek'Virtual XI
'When a person turns to wrong, is it a want to be, belong?'Brave New World
'Say a prayer on the book of the dead'Brave New World
'The punishment is death for all who live'Brave New World
'Lifeless figures, they were undead all of them, they had ascended from hell'Dance of Death
'So I watch and I wait and I pray for an answer'Dance of Death
'A hurried time, no disgrace'Dance of Death
'Lucifer was just an angel led astray'A Matter of Life & Death
'Out of the the universe, a strange light is born, unholy union, trinity reformed'A Matter of Life & Death
'Something to save me from myself, to bring salvation, to exorcise this hell'A Matter of Life & Death
'Fertility Mother Goddess, celebration, sow the seeds of the born'The Final Frontier
'The preacher loses face with Christ'The Final Frontier
'Over borders that divide the earthbound tribes'The Final Frontier
'All out of luck again, how many chances can anyone have?'The Book of Souls
'Now with nothing to hide going nowhere, take my chances and stand by their sides'The Book of Souls
'All alone in a crowded room'The Book of Souls

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