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Bird woman who lures sailors from their travels
Head of a bull and body of a man
Half-woman, half-bird
Octopus-like sea monster
Half-human, half-fish
Body of a horse, torso of a man
Horse with a horn
Horse with wings
Half-man, half-goat
Body of a lion, head of an eagle (they make people only speak the truth)
Body of a lion, head of a woman
Snake with wings
Woman whose gaze turns people to stone
Snake tail, lion body, three heads (dragon, goat, lion)
Three-headed dog
Giant sea monster that swallows (and regurgitates) sea water
Six-headed cliff dragon
Five-headed serpent that grows two more heads when you cut off one
One-eyed sons of Poseidon and nymphs
Half-fish, half-horse
Giant bird that fights with/eats sperm whales
Large serpent said to be born of a rooster sitting on a snake's egg
Man who periodically becomes lupine
Small, winged creature, capable of bewitching people
Small creatures who often steal treasure
Powerful cat with metal fur, almost impossible to kill
Powerful dog that can travel through shadows
Serpentine, winged creature (breathes fire)

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