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cutie mark mane color, body color
cloud with rainbow lighting bolt
two blue balloons and a yellow balloon
three pink butterflies
a pink six-pointed star with little white stars
three blue diamonds
half of a Granny Smith apple
three daisies
an apple pie
a fan
a scroll tied with a blue ribbon
seven bubbles
a large sun
crescent moon surrounded by dark matter
magic wand sprinkling dust
compass rose
a lyre
two connected eight notes
a tiara
a spoon
a snail
two candy canes forming a heart
three wrapped candies
three carrots
a treble clef
tennis balls
three caramel apples
three apple coreshas a blue body
cobbler with a green apple slice
three apple frittershas a green mane
three green cupcakes
three apple fittershas a light/dark brown mane
three apple coreshas a green body
three apple pies
a scrollhas a orange mane
daisiesblue mane, yellow body
carrotswhite mane, lavender body
cherriesblack mane, brown body
bunch of grapes and a strawberrybrown mane, blue body
two linked horseshoesdark blue mane, light blue body
cutie mark mane color, body color
a guitarblonde mane, light brown body
four bladed fan
golden laurel wreath
three horseshoes
cherriesblonde mane, pink body
cherriesblack mane, tan body
cherrieslight blue mane, tan body
three apple slices pink mane, yellow body
palm tree on a desert islandlight blonde mane, dark brown body
one large star with two others around itblonde mane, light purple body
pink and purple laurel leaf
a quill and a sofa
a piece of film
reversed musical notes, two beamed white ones and two beamed black ones
three yellow apples
two bunches of green grapes
lyredark blue mane, dark purple body
an opened scroll
a covered silver serving-dish
three white stars
three white lilles
two interlocking horseshoes, one gold and one silver
a pink lotus blossom
three four-leaf cloversblue body
white saltshaker with a few salt grains
a red cross with a pink heart in each of the four angles
a red cross
a telescope
three orange wedges.
an orange
the Orion constellation
a palm/coconut tree on an island
a big red apple with a stem and leaf
three muffins with green frosting and apple slices
a screw and a baseball
three pencils
a silver, five-pointed sheriff badge
a camera
a white lighting bolt
three rocks
three white, five pointed stars
cutie mark mane color, body color
a golf club with two golf balls
a USD sign
a wooden box
a rain cloud
a purple umbrella
a reversed USD sign
three umbrellas
a dumbbell with six weights
a cloud
a film stripa blue/light blue mane
three suns
seven bubblespurple mane
three tornadoes
three basket balls
seven bubblesan ice blue mane
two rain drops
white rain cloud, raining
seven bubblesorange mane
a waxing crescent moon
a rainbowlight purple mane
a rainbowpink mane
seven bubblesred mane
a red, orange, and yellow-striped rainbow.
three footballs
a roll of film
a yellow crescent moon with a smaller crescent moon inside
a silver platter
three hearts: two cyan, one sea foam green
a safety pin
a pink-frosted donut
one lavender dolphin and one dark purple dolphin
a feather
an archers bow
a checkered flag
a golden crown
a flaming tire
three peaches
a bowling pin behind a black bowling ball
a golden sun with orange rays

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