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HintAnswerExtra info
This character sings 'Kindergarten Boyfriend'
Date the show beginsmonth date and year
Heather Duke's color
JD's favorite store
Originated the role of Veronica off broadwayfull name
Originated the role of JD off broadway
Book JD marks up 'meaningfully'
Ensemble's first word
Who is Mr. No Name Kid?
Any of the 3 colleges Veronica mentions in 'Beautiful'
Elle McLemore's character
HintAnswerExtra info
This character has 'no discernable personality'
These 2 characters die in their underwear______ and ______
This character throws the homecoming party
What's under the gym?
The movie Martha rents for movie night
Color of the scrunchie
Finish the line: Deep inside of everyone there's a 4 words
first character to die
Character who pretends to kill themself
Date Heathers will close off broadwaymonth and date

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