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Can you name the song from the first line of its bridge?

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First LineSongArtist
“I will tell you that I love you just to hug you”
“I see a little silhouett-o of a man”
“Shush girl, shut your lips.”
“Do you need anybody?”
“Oh she got a way with the boys in the place, treat ‘em like they don’t stand a chance”
“Night creatures call and the dead start to walk”
“When I was 13, I had my first love.”
“I’m gonna live and live now.”
First LineSongArtist
“You build me up, you break me down.”
“I feel stormy weather moving in, about to begin.”
“Us girls we are so magical.”
“Say what you want to satisfy yourself, hey!”
“Tear down the mountains, yell, scream and shout.”
“Maybe if we both lived in a different world.”
“Mm, what you say? Mm, that you only meant well, well of course you did.”

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