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Forced Order
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I come home in the morning like my mother says
Maybe it's the things I say maybe I should think before I speak
Finally I've been waiting for this moment for you to see the real me
You tucked me in, turned out the light
You used to call me your angel, said I was sent straight down from heaven
You don't understand what it is that makes me tick
I probably shouldn't say this, but at times I get so scared
I know this isn't what I wanted I never thought it'd come this far
Gonna stay in bed today cause I can't stand the light
Oh, Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder; it's the truth it's actual
When I saw you over there, I didn't mean to stare but my mind was everywhere
When I feel all alone and nobody knows still gotta smile for awhile i can't let it show
Oh, oh, there you go talking cinematic, yeah you
I see your face I look in your eyes what you feel is no surprise
Don't call me, leave me alone; not gonna answer my phone
It's 6 AM and I'm wide awake cause I can't stop thinking bout the stuff you say
After 12, not so well, won't pretend it's too soon to tell
The weekend's almost done, the moon is low in the sky
You walk away from me tonight, not knowing the real me
I got my sight set on you and I'm ready to wait
We sign our cards and letters BFF
I'll get the barbeque show and tell you how to move
Every week's the same, stuck in school so lame
a story of a heart in need playing on my tv screen
You wake up, it's raining and it's Monday; looks like one of those rough days
[TITLE] they whisper to me
A word's just a word till you mean what you say
Are you overloaded, candy coated
Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days
I can honestly say you've been on my mind since I woke up today
When you're a superstar they know your name wherever you are
Everybody needs inspiration, everybody needs a soul
Sometimes I walk a little faster in the school hallway just to get next to you
I'll be [title] where you need me
Hey, get up, get loud, start [title] now
How did I get here? I turned around and there you were
I can almost see it, that dream I'm dreaming but
Why would you rather be anywhere else with me?
It's easy to feel like you're all alone, to feel like nobody knows
I've been running in circles all day long
I feel like I'm a million miles away from myself more and more these days
My problem isn't that I miss you cause I don't
I rode all night on a big old bus; you came a long way to be with us
Don't let no small frustration ever bring you down
So, may I have your attention, look in my direction
Looks like we found ourselves up against a wall
You get the limo out front, hottest styles, every shoe every color
Everybody do your dance, ain't nothing better than an all-out jam
It's been in the past for awhile, I get a flash and I smile
I'm gonna put on my dancing shoes and find a crazy outfit cause
Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
Do me a favor tell me what you think about me
The heart is stronger than you think, like we could both do anything
I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream in my cardigan
why do i just lie awake and think of you? I need some sleep.
Don't keep me waiting and anticipating treating me like a fool
I didn't want to listen to what you were saying
Smooth talking, slow rockin; he's got everything that a girl's wanting
Seems like we're holding on forever I gotta let it go
Life is just a party so come as you are; dress it up or dress it down don't forget your guitar
By day I play the part in every way all simple sweet calm and collected
Can you take care of her? Maybe you can spare her?
Nobody listens to me; don't hear a single thing i've said
How come everything turns out leaving me with more doubts?
So what you see is only half the story there's another side of me
I been in a rut back and forth enough heart like a wheel
Wake up, here we go, cram it all down my throat
Come on guys tell me what we're doing, we're hanging round when we could be all over the place
I'm more than just your average girl
Take the world, shake and stir and that's what I got goin on
I tell you what we're gonna do what you need to know
We haven't met and that's ok cause you will be asking for me one day
I'm alone it's just me and I'm watching TV
I have to wonder if this wave's too big to ride

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