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How to Play Forced Order
How many years did it take to produce Tangled?
Where does Rapunzel initially hide the satchel containing the crown?
How much did Tangled cost to produce?
How long did the party last to celebrate Rapunzel's return to the kingdom?
Where does Pascal lick Rider?
How did Flynn reply when Rapunzel said, 'Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will...fate...destiny...?'
Finish the quote, 'I didn't want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the ...?
What does Flynn give Maximus when he takes Rapunzel on the boat?
What is the name of the Captain's horse?
Differential Wires, the software used to animate Rapunzel's hair, was used in a more rudimentary form in what other Disney movie?
The guards of the kingdom use swords, spears and what other weapon to try to stop Rider?
What classic Disney character can be seen in the Snuggly Duckling?
How old is Rapunzel?
What is Mother Gothel's big surprise for Rapunzel?
What does Rapunzel use to knock out Flynn when he enters her tower?
How many times has Rapunzel found Pascal while playing hide and seek?
What color is Mother Gothel's dress?
What magical item do the guards use to heal the Queen in Tangled?
What does Short Thug call Mother Gothel?
Who stole Rapunzel from her parents?
Which thug's dream is to be a concert pianist?
Who constantly says, 'I'm just teasing?'
What does Flynn Rider steal from the Castle?
Who is the narrator?
What does Rapunzel use to illuminate the cave she is trapped with Flynn in?
How long of a trip is it for Mother Gothel to get Rapunzel's new paint?
What does Flynn use to cut Rapunzel's hair?
Rapunzel uses her hair to heal Flynn who has a cut where?
What kind of weapon does Mother Gothel carry?
How long is Rapunzel's hair?
What does Rapunzel use to tie up Flynn?
In Tangled, what restaurant do Rapunzel and Flynn visit?
What color does Pascal turn when he is warning Rapunzel of danger?
What kind of animal does Flynn think Pascal is?
What song was nominated for the Best Original Song Academy Awards?
What does Mother Gothel warn Rapunzel of?
What is Mother Gothel's nickname for Young Rapunzel?
Who said,'I could get used to a view like this. Yep, I'm used to it. Guys I want a castle?'
Where does Rapunzel hide the princess's crown the second time?
About how old is Mother Gothel?
Mother Gothel gets annoyed when Rapunzel...?
In addition to crime, what else nearly disappeared once Maximus was Captain of the Guard?
What does Rapunzel ask Mother Gothel for as a birthday present once she refuses to let her leave the tower?
What kind of animal is Pascal?
What happens to Rapunzel's hair when it's cut?
Who voiced Flynn Rider?
How does Flynn respond when Rapunzel explains she has made the decision to trust him?
Who provided the voice for Rapunzel?
While stealing the tiara, Flynn asked the guard who sneezed if he had what?
Who does Hook Hand send to find the guards?
Tor's dream is to become a...?
What time does Rapunzel start her day?
What thug's dream is to be a mime?
What does Rapunzel try to give Flynn on the boat during the release of the latern?
What is Attila's dream?
What fell from the heavens that made the flower magical?
In Disney's Tangled, what is Flynn Rider's real name?
Approximately how many individual strands of hair does Rapunzel have?
Name an item that is one Rapunzel's mobile as a baby.
What does Rapunzel have the little girls do to her hair so people stop tripping on it?
Who provided the voice for Mother Gothel?
Tangled is the __#__ animated movie by Disney?
Why is Flynn Rider always upset about his wanted posters?
What is Flynn Rider sentenced to for stealing the tiara?
What is Flynn's nickname for Rapunzel?
Who produced the score for Tangled?
About how many laterns are released by the kingdom during the latern scene?
The script originally called for Flynn to have an accent from...?
What is the original name for Tangled?
Who said, 'Skip the drama, stay with Mama?'

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