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Can you name the Chinese dynasties based on the hints given?

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Forced Order
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Equal-field system; Empress Wu; An Lushan Rebellion; Poets Li Bai and Du Fu; beginning of cosmopolitan culture in China; Golden age of arts, literature, and technology
Kublai Khan and Mongol control; postal system established; Marco Polo settles in China; Qu poetry style
Use of oracle bones; capital moved six times; aka Yin dynasty
Wang Mang; mass flooding of Yellow River; period marking separation of Western and Eastern Han periods
Eastern and Western Wei become Northern Qi and Northern Zhou; Liu Song, Southern Qi, Liang, and Chen; tolerance between Buddhists and Taoists
First dynasty to be described in ancient records; Abdication system; Battle of Mingtiao
Hongwu Emperor; Battle of Liaolou Bay; Shaanxi earthquake; Great Wall repaired and finished; Forbidden City built
Longest lasting dynasty; Mandate of Heaven invoked; Spring and Autumn Period; Warring States Period; Hundred Schools of Thought
Later Liang, Later Tang, Later Jin, Later Han, Later Zhou; Shatuo Turks; southward shift of cultural centers; Vietnam gains independence
Arrival of Buddhism; invention of paper-making; mathematical contributions by Zhang Heng
Legalism; Burning of books and burying of scholars: first Great Wall of China; Terracotta Army
Three Departments and Six Ministries; Emperor Wen; Grand Canal; expansion of Great Wall
Last imperial dynasty; queue hairstyle; changshans; Kangxi Dictionary; Eight Banners system; Revolt of the Three Feudatories
First golden age; Confucianism becomes orthodox; Gaussian elimination; Silk Road opens
Battle of Fei River; The Butterfly Lovers; War of the Eight Princes
Age of technological advancement; compass invented; first use of paper currency; woodblock printing; paintings of Lin Tinggui; first use of gunpowder in warfare; first standing nav

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