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Can you name the surnames of these television families?

Updated Dec 18, 2012

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Family membersSurnameSeries
Parents: Peter & Lois
Children: Meg, Chris, & Stewie
Parents: Raymond & Debra
Children: Ally, Geoffrey, & Michael
Parents: Walter & Skyler
Children: Walter Jr. & Holly
Father: Danny
Children: D.J., Stephanie, & Michelle
Parents: Tony & Carmela
Children: Meadow & Anthony Jr.
Parents: Dan & Roseanne
Children: Becky, Darlene, & D.J.
Parents: George & Lucille
Children: Gob, Michael, Lindsay, & Buster
Parents: Phillip & Vivian
Children: Hilary, Carlton, & Ashley
Parents: Jason & Maggie
Children: Mike, Carol, Ben, & Chrissy
Parents: Phil & Claire
Children: Haley, Alex, & Luke
Parents: Mike & Carol
Children: Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, & Cindy
Family membersSurnameSeries
Parents: Cliff & Clair
Children: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, & Rudy
Parents: Randy & Sharon
Children: Shelly & Stan
Parents: Jack & Norma
Children: Karen, Wayne, & Kevin
Parents: George & Jane
Children: Judy & Elroy
Parents: Ward & June
Children: Wally & Theodore
Father: Martin
Children: Frasier & Niles
Parents: Carl & Harriette
Children: Eddie & Laura
Parents: Jock & Ellie
Children: J.R., Gary, & Bobby
Parents: Tim & Jill
Children: Brad, Randy, & Mark
Parents: Howard & Marion
Children: Richie & Joanie
Parents: Steven & Elyse
Children: Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, & Andy

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