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Can you name the movies (beginning with N) when given 3 of the characters?

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CharactersMovie TitleYear
Will Thacker, Anna Scott, Spike1999
Larry Daley, Theodore Roosevelt, Cecil Fredericks2006
Thomas Hutter, Count Orlok, Knock1922
Nancy Thompson, Glen Lantz, Fred Krueger1984
Pedro Sanchez, LaFawndah Lucas, Kip Dynamite2004
James Bond, Domino Petachi, Maximillian Largo1983
Ignacio, Sister Encarnacion, Steven 'Esqueleto'2006
Benjamin Franklin Gates, Abigail Chase, Riley Poole2004
Roger Thornhill, Eve Kendall, Phillip Vandamm1959
Josie Geller, Sam Coulson, Guy Perkins1999
Roy Hobbs, Max Mercy, Memo Paris1984
Llewelyn Moss, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, Anton Chigurh2007
CharactersMovie TitleYear
Jack 'Cowboy' Kelly, David Jacobs, Bryan Denton1992
Jack Skellington*, Sally*, Oogie Boogie* 1993
Allie Hamilton, Noah Calhoun, Lon Hammond2004
Bastian Bux, Atreyu, Falkor*1984
Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black2009
Sherman Klump, Carla Purty, Buddy Love1996
Craig Jones, Roach, Day-Day Jones2000
Capt. John Smith, Pocahontas, John Rolfe2005
Christopher Wallace, Sean Combs, Tupac Shakur2009
Cedric Brown, Ms. McPhee, Mrs. Quickly2005
Velvet Brown, Mi Taylor, The Pie*1944
Nick O'Leary, Norah Silverberg, Tris2008

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