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Can you name the movies (beginning with J) when given 3 of the characters?

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CharactersMovie TitleYear
Navin R. Johnson, Marie Kimble Johnson, Stan Fox1979
Alan Parrish, Sarah Whittle, Judy Shepherd1995
Julia Child, Simone Beck, Julie Powell2009
Mary Magdalene, Judas Iscariot, Pontius Pilate1973
Paulie Bleeker, Vanessa Loring, Bren MacGuff2007
Mowgli*, Baloo*, Shere Khan*1967
John Hammond, Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm1993
Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Wee Man2002
D.A. Jim Garrison, Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw1991
Rod Tidwell, Dorothy Boyd, Avery Bishop1996
Danny Maccabee, Devlin Adams, Palmer Dodge2011
Declan Mulqueen, Valentina Koslova, FBI Director Carter Preston1997
CharactersMovie TitleYear
Johnny, Jane, J-Bone1995
Joseph Dredd, Rico, Herman 'Fergee' Ferguson1995
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford, Staff Sgt. Sykes, Alan Troy2005
Vince Everett, Peggy Van Alden, Hunk Houghton1957
Edward Fairfax Rochester, St. John Rivers, Jane2011
Oliver Trinke, Maya, Gertie Trinke2004
James Henry Trotter*, Miss Spider*, Grasshopper*1996
Joe Banks, Angelica Graynamore, Patricia Graynamore1990
Gabby Frost, Mac MacArthur, Charlie Frost1998
Chief Martin Brody, Sam Quint, Matt Hooper1975
Bobby Earl, Paul Armstrong, Sheriff Tanny Brown1995
Ordell Robbie, Jackie, Max Cherry1997

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