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Can you name the movies (beginning with G) when given three of the characters?

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CharactersMovie TitleYear
Andrew Largeman, Sam, Mark2004
John Coffey, Officer Paul Edgecomb, Warden Hal Moores1999
Danny Zuko, Sandy Olsen, Betty Rizzo1978
Don Vito Corleone, Peter Clemenza, Don Emilio Barzini1972
Peter Venkman, Dana Barrett, Egon Spengler1984
Capt. Hilts 'The Cooler King', Lt. Hendley 'The Scrounger', Lt. Danny Velinski 'The Tunnel King'1963
Mikael Blomkvist, Lisbeth Salander, Henrik Vanger2009
Phil Connors, Rita, Ned Ryerson 1993
Aldous Snow, Aaron Green, Jackie Q2010
James Conway, Henry Hill, Tommy DeVito1990
Sean Maguire, Will Hunting, Chuckie Sullivan1997
Maximus, Commodus, Lucilla2000
CharactersMovie TitleYear
Scarlett O'Hara, Ashley Wilkes, Rhett Butler1939
Jon, Liz, Odie*2004
Michael 'Mikey' Walsh, Lawrence 'Chunk' Cohen, Lotney 'Sloth' Fratelli1985
Britt Reid, Lenore Case, Kato 2011
Adrian Cronaur, Edward Garlick, Lt. Steven Hauk1987
Alec Trevelyan, Natalia Simonova, Xenia Onatopp1995
Billy Peltzer, Kate Beringer, Gizmo*1984
Myrtle Wilson, Daisy Buchanan, Jay Gatsby1974
Edward Murrow, Fred Friendly, Joe Wershba 2005
Vincent Freeman, Irene Cassini, Jerome Morrow1997
Jim Casy, Tom Joad, Muley1940
Maxwell Smart, Agent 99, Siegfried2008

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