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Can you name the movies (beginning with D) when given 3 of the characters?

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CharactersMovie TitleYear
Harvey Dent, Rachel Dawes, Lucius Fox2008
Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Cronin, Mickey Bunce, Fred1991
Tony Wendice, Margot Mary Wendice, Mark Halliday1954
Lt. John Dunbar, Stands with a Fist, Kicking Bird1990
Lloyd Christmas, Harry Dunne, Mary Swanson1994
Billy Costigan, Frank Costello, Colin Sullivan2006
Freddy Benson, Lawrence Jamieson, Janet Colgate1988
Donnie, Gretchen Ross, Frank2001
Daisy Werthan, Hoke Colburn, Boolie Werthan1989
Kevin Lomax, John Milton, Eddie Barzoon1997
Peter La Fleur, Kate Veatch, White Goodman2004
Robert Langdon, Sophie Neveu, Silas2006
CharactersMovie TitleYear
Louanne Johnson, Hal Griffith, Carla Nichols1995
Claire Foster, Holbrooke Grant, District Attorney Frank Crenshaw2010
John Keating, Neil Perry, Todd Anderson1989
Bartleby, Bethany Sloane, Loki1999
Randall 'Pink' Floyd, Ron Slater, Mitch Kramer1993
Frances 'Baby' Houseman, Johnny Castle, Penny Johnson1987
Wikus van de Mirwe, Christopher Johnson*, Colonel Koobus Venter2009
Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Tiffany Case, Plenty O'Toole1971
Officer John McClane, Hans Gruber, Sgt. Al Powell1988
Miranda Priestly, Andrea 'Andy' Sachs, Emily Charlton2006
Timothy Q. Mouse*, Mrs. Jumbo*, The Ringmaster*1941
Tuvia Bielski, Zus Bielski, Asael Bielski2008

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