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Can you name the movies (beginning with B) when given 3 of the characters?

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CharactersMovie TitleYear
Sonny Koufax, Layla Maloney, Julian McGrath1999
Morris Buttermaker, Amanda Whurlitzer, Roy Turner1976
Harry Pfarrer, Linda Litzke, Chad Feldheimer2008
Andrew Clark, Claire Standish, Brian Johnson1985
Flik*, Hopper*, Atta*1998
Ricky Baker, Doughboy, Tre Styles1991
Lt. Chris Burnett, Stackhouse, Admiral Leslie Reigart2001
Marty McFly, Lorraine Baines, Dr. Emmett Brown1985
John Nash, Charles Herman, William Parcher2001
William Wallace, King Edward I, Murron MacClannough1995
Kate Holbrook, Angie Ostrowiski, Rob Ackerman2008
Rick Deckard, Roy Batty, Rachael1982
CharactersMovie TitleYear
Adam Maitland, Barbara Maitland, Lydia Deetz1988
Sheriff Bart, Hedley Lamarr, Jim 'The Waco Kid'1974
Craig Schwartz, Maxine Lund, Lotte Schwartz1999
Flower*, Thumper*, Faline*1942
Rachel Dawes, Lucius Fox, Henri Ducard2005
Terry Leather, Martine Love, Kevin Swain2008
Harlan Pepper, Meg Swan, Cookie Fleck2000
Jason Bourne, Marie Kreutz, Alexander Conklin2002
Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver, Natasha Glenville2001
Lincoln Rhyme, Amelia Donaghy, Captain Howard Cheney1999
Ennis Del Mar, Jack Twist, Lureen Newsome2005
Jake Blues, Elwood Blues, Reverand Cleophus James1980

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