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The Asha'man who went by the alias 'Master Underhill'
The novice who put a trout into an Aes Sedai's bath
The Aes Sedai who took a bath with a trout
An accepted during Moiraine's time who was wanted to be Green but failed to come out of the arches
The Wise One of Hot Springs Hold
An Aes Sedai with the talent of Foretelling during the end of the Age of Legends
The only man mentioned with the talent of seeing Ta'veren
Led the Aiel across the Dragonwall to kill Laman
The man who formerly served under Tam Al'thor in the Illianer Companions. He is now First Captain.
Asmodean's real name
A Maiden of the Spear who died protecting Rand from a Whitecloak ambush
The brother of Noam, the wolfbrother who lost himself to the wolf
Gaul's companion who was killed in the Dragon Reborn
The Accepted questioned by a Black Aes Sedai about Elmindreda
The owner of the farm that Sahra was sent to as penance
Setalle Anan's real name
Location of Gareth Bryne's manor and estate
As a side effect of the madness and Lews Therin Telamon's memories, Rand called this woman 'Little Sister'
Shatayan of the keep in Fal Dara
The cobbler in Emond's field who made Rand's boots
Rafela Cindal's warder
A Two Rivers boy who receives a coin from Moiraine at the same time as Rand and Mat
The cat who lives in the Winespring Inn
One of the thief-catchers brought by Berelain
The other thief-catcher brought by Berelain
The only woman trained by the Daughters of Silence to become Aes Sedai
A fake name used by Min Farshaw when meeting Caraline Damodred
Tuon's truthspeaker before Anath Dorje
The oldest man in the Two Rivers
Founder of the Whitecloaks

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