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Despite being a hero in Boston, Flutie was born outside of what east coast city that starts with 'B'?
What number, unusual for a quarterback, did Flutie wear at Boston College?
Who was the quarterback for the University of Miami team that Flutie and Boston College beat with 'The Pass'?
Who was the receiver who caught 'The Pass' and was drafted in the 4th round by the New England Patriots?
Which Super-Bowl-winning NFL head coach was once Flutie's quarterbacks coach at Boston College?
Boston College beat which team in the 1985 Cotton Bowl, despite their home state advantage, to end the 1984 season ranked 4th in the Coaches' Poll and 5th in the AP?
Which team drafted Flutie late in the NFL draft even though he was already headed to the USFL?
Who is Flutie's brother, who caught passes from him in college and the CFL, played in the NFL, and is one of the CFL's career leaders in receptions and receiving yards?
What was the result of Flutie's first two professional passes?
What Heisman Trophy winner lined up in Flutie's backfield in the USFL?
From one 'BC' to another: He played for the BC Eagles in college. What 'BC' did he play for in the CFL? (Full team name with nickname.)
Name one of the CFL teams that Flutie led to Grey Cup titles.
Flutie wore number 2 for the Bears and Patriots. What number did he wear for his other NFL teams?
Flutie went to the Pro Bowl while a member of which NFL team?
In 2005, what kind of scoring play did Flutie execute after it hadn't been done in the NFL since 1941?
Which outspoken personality said 'Inch for inch, Flutie in his prime was the best QB of his generation'?

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