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The Critter Room, run by Foster Dad John, is one of the most popular and influential kitten cams on the internet. Can you answer these questions about it?

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In 2012, which mama's fluffy tail was affectionately dubbed 'Ralph' after it was mistaken for a kitten?
Which Cosmonaut kitten, appropriately born on February 14, 2013, is named for Ms. Tereshkova, the first woman in space?
Which mostly black Springfield kitten shares her name with a groundbreaking 1988 anime feature film?
What's the name of the tabby mama who, before the removal of her right eye, gave birth to a litter that included cross-eyed Egon?
What shelter do the Critter Room kittens come from?
The Critter Room is located in what state, named for a U.S. President?
Who is the tabby mama of the McKittens, who began a 'modern era' of sorts? (As of July 2015, they're the earliest litter still with a page that includes lots of viewable footage.)
Which gray tabby Scientist kitten is named for the Serbian-American inventor whose alternating current system beat Thomas Edison's direct current in the 'War of Currents'?
Name a mama from any one of these litters: Looney Tunes Fosters, A.I. Fosters, Hitchhiker Fosters, Fabulous Fosters.
As of July 2015, a Critter Room kitten must weigh two pounds (0.9 kg), and be how many months old, to be spayed or neutered?
Boris and Pavel of the Cosmonauts were collectively known by what name?
Cosmonaut kitten Boris now lives with Rio; what was Rio's name when he was in the Critter Room with the other Mythbuster kittens in 2013?
Which Critter Room mama's popularity was likened to a 'rock star' in a 2014 TV news report?
Who is Dash's brother and littermate?
Name either of the two Mythbuster kittens whose post-Critter Room family has included Truffles, Loki, Sammy, Preston, and Tucker.
Which Critter Room mama's adoption was announced on the same day (July 3, 2015) that the Clone Trooper kittens received their names?
Which Clone Trooper kitten, once called 'Blue', was appropriately the fifth one to be named on camera?
Chickenfish (hail!) was originally intended as a toy for what species of pet?
Which Sapling kitten is named after the tree whose root or bark traditionally gave flavoring to root beer, before it was discovered to contain a carcinogen?
The tallest tower in the Critter Room, as of July 2015, is named after what famous vehicle from the TV show 'Doctor Who'?

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