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Can you name the year from the events that occurred during it?

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Forced Order
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UN and Kofi Annan win the Nobel Peace Prize, George Harrison dies, Wikipedia launches, the 9/11 attacks occur
Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, Prince of Wales marries Camilla Parker Bowles, Pope Benedict XVI succeeds Pope John Paul II
Napster debuts, Hugo Chavez becomes President of Venezuela, the euro currency is established, Bill Clinton is impeached but cleared of high crimes
Jordan and Israel sign a peace treaty, US invades Haiti, Nelson Mandela is elected President of South Africa
Emperor Hirohito of Japan dies, Ayatollah Khomeini dies, the Berlin Wall comes down
Hosni Mubarak becomes President of Egypt, the Space Shuttle makes its maiden flight, Ronald Reagen becoms US president
East Pakistan gains independence as Bangladesh, decimal coinage is introduced in Britain, Idi Amin seizes power in Uganda
Indira Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of India, England wins the soccer World Cup defeating West Germany 4-2, Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys is released
Charles Lindbergh makes the first solo flight across the Atlantic, Trotsky is expelled from the Communist Party, Ferdinand I of Romania dies
Crete proclaims union with Greece, Hawaii is annexed by the United States, Dracula is published, Oscar Wilde is released from prison

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