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Two lesbian robots kiss... Yay!
The singer and her two backing dancers do a choreographed dance in black and white
The white-boy rapper recounts his life in front of the '8. Mile Rd. Mobile Court' sign
The freedom-fighters run around a city sticking up posters with question marks on them. gets arrested.
The ginger haired singer gets groovy in a deserted bar. Famously painful to watch...
The lead singer and a girl run through the pages of a comic book, getting chased by men with spanners
Four nerds do a dance on treadmills.
A girl's floating island is destroyed by two helicopters.
The sexy air-hostess dances on a plane in a bright blue uniform.
A girl with an acoustic guitar climbs to the top of a hill.
A pianist in a green shirt sings a song about Jude, with his bandmates looking on.
Three cops tear around a city in what appears to be the opening for a TV cop show.
A rapper rides around in the back of an impossible truck.

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