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Can you name the answers to these questions on virtual band Gorillaz?

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Frontman, Keyboardist, Pretty-boy singer and half-wit
Self-titled leader of the band, and self proclaimed 'bass-slayer'
Hip-hop lover and drummer
Country of origin for the above member
Guitarist and martial arts expert, the only female member
Country of origin for the above member
Co-creator of Gorillaz, lead singer of Blur
Co-creator of Gorillaz, co-creator of Tank Girl
First album (self-titled)
Second album
Third album or place where Gorillaz live from 2010 onwards
First single from the above album.
Second single from the third album, the video for which confirmed Noodle is alive.
Any Gorillaz compilation album
Gorillaz collaborator who provides rap vocals for 'Rock the House' and 'Clint Eastwood'
Gorillaz first collaboration with De La Soul, which reached No.1 in Spain.
Gorillaz song with the collaboration of Children's Choir San Fernandez and Bootie Brown, named after a famous Clint Eastwood movie.
In the music video for this song, Noodle appears to 'die'.
Where Gorillaz lived and worked, until 2010
English county where above is situated.
In this song's music video it was confirmed that Noodle was still alive.
Gorillaz campaign against manufactured pop, or the words at the end of the music video for 'Rockit'.
Noodle's (temporary?) replacement for the latest album.
Gorillaz most popular track on iTunes
Gorillaz autobiography
How do you kill an eel?

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