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Can you name the weapons in Dwight Schrute's possession in The Office?

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Episode Used In:WeaponDescription:
Office OlympicsHas a range for this on his farm
Christmas PartyGives lessons for this as his Secret Santa gift
Business School, Women's AppreciationUses Creed's help in sharpening this object for vampires, then in another episode uses it when looking for 'the flasher'
The AllianceUses this to escape a cardboard box he was hiding in
Fun RunUses this to start the race
Branch WarsMixed at least twelve of these for a panty raid on Utica
Stress Relief, Survivor ManPulls this out from a holster on his lower leg
Episode Used In:WeaponDescription:
The NegotiationAttacks Roy and Andy with this in the same episode
Conflict Resolution, Boys and GirlsClaimed to have kept this under his desk all day with no one suspecting anything
Drug TestingWants to bring this after being appointed as official security supervisor of the Scranton branch
Survivor Man, The NegotiationKeeps this object hidden in the ceiling
Survivor ManKeeps this object hidden in the back of the toilet
Survivor ManUses the scope on this object to keep an eye on Michael
The NegotiationToby confiscates these from Dwight (name one)

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