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QUIZ: Can you name the Sayings from its verbose equivalent?

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There is little worth in behaving in a lachrymal manner orthogonally placed to mammary secretions affected unintentionally by earth's gravitational field
Insert this into your bowl of burl and apply negative oral pressure to the mouthpiece thereof
Seafaring vessels may inherent a distinct lack of buoyancy by labial folds possessing a paucity of elasticity
Antipathy is husbanded by cognition
Comeliness resides within the trentonomous sicoglicenerals of the executor of said anatomy
A man making an abode within a borosilicate dwelling ought to refrain from manually accelerating small hunks of dolomite
A raptor nestled interdigitally possess equivalent value compared to a mated pair residing within fichuses
Presently, this specific member of the genus Equus possesses a unique intersection of hue and saturation
Juxtaposed are apotheosis and relative purity
Do not question the suitability for purchase of an Appaloosa that you have been bequeathed

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