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QUIZ: Can you name the Cardiovascular System?

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HintAnswerExtra Hint
Central OrganValentine's Day
_ _ R I _ MLeft and right
5 letter artery which helps blood leave the heartMajor artery
The primary function of the system is to get '____' to all points of the body8th element on the Periodic Table
V_ _ T_ _ C _ _ Left and right
Blood travels through these series of 'highways'They pop out when you work out
The heart is divided into '____' chambersLook back at previous questions
LODOB (Unscramble)Helps get oxygen through the body
About the number of times blood is circulated through the heart in a dayRoman Numeral 'M'
Number of circulatory systems in the human bodyNew York Yankees Shortstop Derek Jeter

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