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What was Momoko's image color?
What was Momoko's official and most popular nickname?
What was Momoko's group from 2002 to 2004?She was the only remaining member from June 12, 2017 to June 30, 2017
What was Momoko's group from 2004 to 2015?Her main group
What was Momoko's group from 2014 to 2017?She was the oldest member
What other groups has Momoko been a member of?
In which group was Momoko the leader?
What was her first single?With Berryz Kobo
What was her last single?With Country Girls
For how many years was Momoko an idol?The longest tenure out of all Hello! Project members
When was Momoko born?
How tall is she?She was the shortest member in Berryz Kobo
In which Berryz Kobo song Momoko had 24 lines?It was Berryz Kobo's 9th single
What is Momoko's catchphrase?
What was her audition song?By a Morning Musume sub-unit
What is the name of her first and only digital solo single?Released June 17, 2017
Why did she graduated?She took a license when she graduated from university
What was her position in Country Girls?
Who were her best friends within Hello! Project?A °C-ute member and a soloist
Does she have siblings? Are they older or younger than her? Brothers or sister?
What was the name of her first solo photobook?Released June 19, 2007
What was the name of her first solo DVD?Released December 3, 2008
In which horror movie did she star along Natsuyaki Miyabi and Suzuki Airi?Released in 2011
In which TV program was Momoko a Thursday regular?From 2014 to 2015
What was the only Berryz Kobo single where she didn't have at least a solo line?Berryz Kobo's 13th single
What is her most famous hairstyle?Inspired by Matsuda Seiko's hairstyle 'The Seiko-chan cut'
What was her favorite anime when she was younger?
What are her 5 attacks/techniques?
What day did Momoko join Hello! Project?
What day did Momoko graduate from Hello! Project?

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