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HintPhysics Term
This characteristic of matter is described by Newton's first law
This value is the integral of a velocity vs. time graph
This symbol represents the coefficient of friction
The acceleration inwards while an object is traveling in a circular motion is known as this type of force
A value measured in the same units as momentum is
A joule divided by a newton equals a(n)
The separation of white light into a spectrum is this property of waves
A _____ ______ is formed by two waves of the same wavelength and frequency traveling in opposite directions. This is also a key feature of the DeBroglie model of the atom.
Molecules transmitted by soundwaves in a medium travel in this direction, relative to the wave propagation
An ohm multiplied by an ampere equals a(n)
HintPhysics Term
Gravitational Force is inversely related to
If ya motha is standing 6 feet away from a plane mirror, how far away is his reflection?
The normal force of an object on a flat surface is equal to mass multiplied by
This man first performed the gold foil experiment
This 'effect' illustrates the phenomenon that light behaves like a stream of photons
The energy of a photon is equal to its frequency multiplied by
Is acceleration a vector or scalar quantity?
In a series circuit, _____ is constant
The SI unit for time is the
What are the two basic types of elementary particles?

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