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Various Scandals that jepordized Grant's presidency
The Belknap Scandal, The Whiskey Ring, Black Friday and the Credit Mobilier Scandal 
An Act that provided schooling and education for Blacks
Vetoed by Johnson but overrid by congress 
The President that started Reconstruction; 17th President
Only Served one term as President 
A malacious hate group that targeted blacks and minorities and would beat, lynch and kill people to terrorize and instill fear to control who voted.
White Supremicy Hate Group 
An act that allowed men to vote only if they could voted in 1867 or descended from an 1867 voter
Made it hard for blacks to vote 
Coheaded Radical Republicans; From Massachusetts; was beat up in congress by Brooks
Involved in the Brooks, Sumner affair 
Coheaded Radical Republicans; From Pennsylvania; advocated for equal rights between Whites and Blacks
Advocated for punishment of the Southerners 
An act that gave command of the army to secretary of war (Stanton) and General of the Army (Grant)
Vetoed by Johnson but overrid by congress 
A deragatory term for southerners who were deemed as traitors
Andrew Johnson was called a Scalawag 
Written by radical republicans, state must abolish slavery, no confederate officials could participate in state governments; state majority must take loyalty oath
Also known as the 'Initial Congressional Plan' 
Amendment that gave blacks the right to vote
Ratified in 1868 
Districts set up in the seceded states until they were excepted back into the Union
Allowed the president to determine if the state government was accepteble (through the army) 
A compromise that ended military reconstruction, no second term for Hayes, removed remaining federal troops from SC, FL and LA, one cabinet post to at least one southerner and made
Ended Reconstruction 
1/10 of voters from the 18860 election had to take an oath of loyalty in order so that their state could make a new government and elect representatives to congress
Was very light on the south 
A cycle of poverty which allowed freed slaves to work for whites in return for a home and food
Differed very slightly from actual slavery 
A deragatory term for northerners who went down to the south to take advantage of the southerners through money scams
People who set up Freedmen's Bureau were often called this 
An act passed that made people pay to vote that ensured that impoverished blacks would not be able to vote
The average tax was $1.50 
The group that opposed Johnson and strongly advocated for equal rights for newly freed slaves
Controlled government during Reconstruction 
Amendment that abolished slavery
Was ratified in 1865 
Former Slaves codes that seperated which rights Blacks from Whites had
Were still around for many years 
An Act that stated that Johnson couldn't remove cabinet members during his presidency
Johnson challanged this act and so was impeached by the Radical Republicans 
Laws that segregated Blacks and Whites in public facilities such as schools, parks and hospitals
Lasted into the mid 1900's 
The president that ended Reconstruction; 19th President, was involved in a controvertial election; passed the compromise of 1877
Was only in office for one term as a result of a back room deal 
Amendment that allowed citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the US
Was ratified in 1867 
An Act that provided citizenship for all people except Indians on reservations
Vetoed by Johnson but overrid by congress 
The President that died before Reconstruction; 16th Preident
Was assisnated before Reconstruction started 
The process in which president Johnson was impeaced by the Radical Republicans
He was not impeached but was not kicked out becasue he needed a 2/3 majority 
The Election between Samuel Tilden (Democrat) and Rutherford B. Hayes (Republican)
Tilden got more votes but not the majority and in the end, Hayes won through a back room deal 
Pardons to people who take the oath, states must abolish slavery, no pardons for high ranking confederate officials owning more than 20,000 dolars worth of land, state had to repea
Was much like Lincoln's Plan 
Famous Genral during Civil war; 18th President; said to be a pawn for the Radical Republicans
Was involved in many scandals 

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