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A - Mesoamerican civilization commonly associated with human safcrifice
B - Founder of the Mughal Empire
C - Andean civilization before the Inca
D - Ottoman system by which young Christian boys were employed by the government
E - Powerful Axumite king who defeated Kush; also converted to Christianity
F - Leader of the Cuban Revolution
G - Ashoka was a ruler in this powerful South Asian empire
H - Greek historians who wrote 'Histories'
I - Fourth Prime Minister of India
J - Byzantine leader who had the Hagia Sophia constructed
K - Leader of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty
L - Renaissance man who painted 'The Last Supper'
M - King of Mali who caused the price of gold to collapse on his hajj
N - Serbian American associated with electricity
O - Mesoamerican mother civilization who sculpted giant human heads
P - Romanov concerned with 'Westernizing' Russia
Q - Chinese dynasty with strong emphasis on legalism
R - Trickle down US president
S - Chinese revolutionary and founding father of the Republic of China
T - English philosopher who thought life was 'nasty, brutish, short'
U - Second of four major Islamic caliphates
V - Portuguese explorer who was first European to reach India by sea
W - British leader during WWII
X - Wilhelm Rontgen was the creator of this medical device
Y - International crime organization centered in Japan
Z - Form of Buddhism popular in Japan stressing meditation

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