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A - Mughal leader who returned to harsh policies against Hindus
B - Empire that the 'Sun Never Set' on
C - Founder and unifying force in the Kingdom of the Franks
D - Wealthy, landowning nobles in middle ages Japan who employed samurai
E - Leader scholar of humanism
F - Assassinated leader led to WWI
G - Ottomans, Mughals, Safavids were known as
H - Revolution won by slaves
I - Makers of the quipu, lovers of llamas
J - Writer of the Declaration of Independence
K - Stalin in part 'liquidated' this class
L - Daoism creator
M - Aztec emperor who first met Cortes
N - Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten
O - Mexican revolutionary Pascual _________
P - Influential Greek statesman, orator
Q - Holy Book of Islam
R - Russian 'Mad Monk' who was hard to kill
S - Ottoman leader in widest European expansion
T - Central leader of the Haitian Revolution
U - The Treaties of ____________ put an end to the Wars of Spanish Succession
V - Initial leader of the Bolsheviks
W - Empress who led the Tang Dynasty
X - Persian leader defeated by Greeks
Y - Imperial House of Japan
Z - Native Africans who fought against the Boers and other European colonizers

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