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Can you name the facts about cold openings on The Office, Season 3?

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Dwight clips these and blows them towards Ryan when Jim is at Stamford.Gay Witch Hunt
After watching Angelina Jolie on Oprah, Michael decides he wants to adopt a baby of this nationality.The Convention
Michael keeps Varsity Blues amongst other Monday movies, in this type of container.The Coup
Pam makes Michael go back down the 'warehouse' because he forgot these two food items.Grief Counseling
I have two coins totaling 15 cents, one of them is not a nickel. What are they?Initiation
Michael makes fun of Ryan for wearing this to celebrate Diwali.Diwali
This person tells Dwight that someone poisoned the coffee.Branch Closing
If Dwight uses this piece of sporting equipment, he can beat Toby's mile time.The Merger
This is the favorite color of Hannah's baby.The Convict
Toby makes Dwight clean the Christmas miracle goose at this location.A Benihana Christmas
According to Jim and Karen, Dwight has this muppet babies character tattooed on his stomach.Back From Vacation
Michael's talking computer, Harvey, has his eyes drawn on these.Traveling Salesman
While searching for a job, Dwight describes himself as this power tool.The Return
Michael had an epiphany while scraping gunk off of his wall sockets with this metal object.Ben Franklin
In his experiment, Jim gives Dwight an altoid each time after he does this to his computer.Phyllis's Wedding
Kevin had a problem with this part of his car and was the reason he was late to work.Business School
Michael uses this garment to put on a magic show for the office.Cocktails
People have been laughing at Dwight for 8 years for bringing this self-defense weapon with him to work.The Negotiation
Andy wants to be called by this name when he returns from anger management.Safety Training
Question: What kind of bear is best? False. Black Bear. Fact: Bears eat Beets... Bears. Beets. Product Recall
If Dwight doesn't give Jim a full report on his demerit, Dwight will receive a full one of these.Women's Appreciation
About 40 times a year, Michael gets really sick but has no symptoms when this is delivered to his office.Beach Games
This is the excuse Michael gives to explain why he was in the neighborhood of midtown Manhattan a day early.The Job

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