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Can you name the facts about cold openings on The Office, Season 2?

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Michael doesn't eat this part of his breakfast sandwich after Ryan comes in early to deliver it.Office Olympics
Jim gives Katie this title when she calls him to confirm their lunch date.The Fire
Michael wishes he could fire Cheri, who holds this job at corporate.Halloween
When Dwight's desk is in the bathroom, Kevin comes out of the stall holding this.The Fight
Ryan picks up this dry-cleaned item along with Michael's Levi jeans.The Client
Dwight says this item only costs $25 prompting Jim to pop it.Performance Review
Michael confuses this person with a terrorist.E-mail Surveillance
Dwight gets this ailment when he carries in the Christmas tree with Michael.Christmas Party
When Dwight's belongings are in the vending machine, Pam purchases this.Booze Cruise
Dwight forgets this when he goes to pick up Michael after he burns his foot.The Injury
Is it just me, or does it smell like updawg in here?The Secret
This person temps as the receptionist while Pam is on vacation.The Carpet
Michael references this television show when talking about women in today's workplace.Boys and Girls
The card that comes with Phyllis's flowers is signed this way.Valentine's Day
While playing football in the office, Michael strikes this collegiate pose.Dwight's Speech
Pam compares herself with this fictional character when she puts candy on her desk.Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Michael gets into a pyramid scheme selling these.Michael's Birthday
Dwight a volunteer sheriff's deputy for this county.Drug Testing
Both Pam and Jim must listen to Dwight order this over the internet.Conflict Resolution
Jim has had this power since he was 8 or 9 years old.Casino Night

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