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Can you name the facts about cold openings on The Office?

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This is the type of cereal, Jan makes Michael for breakfast.Fun Run
In Toby's memo to the office, PDA stands for this.Dunder Mifflin Infinity
During Michael's meeting, the bouncing color changing cube says this.Launch Party
After finishing The Devil Wears Prada, Pam fears for her life as Michael starts this next Netflix movie.Money
Originally proposed by Phyllis, Michael would love to see these in the Dunder Mifflin commercial.Local Ad
The Utica branch of Dunder Mifflin is located at this native New York business park.Branch Wars
When Toby went on the wilderness retreat with Ryan and the branch managers, he slept here, not in a cabin.Survivor Man
Michael answers his fake phone call in this way, just like in Pam's fake call note to him.The Deposition
Dwight starts to do this after he wasn't invited to Michael's dinner party.Dinner Party
Andy loses what when he has to walk from the satellite parking lot that's half a mile away.The Chair Model
When Dwight goes to the kitchen to get peanut butter for Michael's hair, Michael wants this instead.Night Out
Dwight uses this substance to protect Michael's face from the cement.Did I Stutter
This is the name of the high school that Michael and others go to for a job fair.Job Fair
In one of Jim's pranks, all of Dwight's phone calls are forwarded here.Goodbye, Toby

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