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Can you name all items in the Binding of Isaac?

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Item EffectItem NameItem Type
A part of a certain book which has the same effectsTrinket
A bloodied page, increases damage and grants you 2 Soul HeartsPassive Collectible
Firepower is magicActivated Item
Grants you eternal life...sort ofPassive Collectible
1/4 of the way to a Meat BoyPassive Collectible
Damage down, tears upPassive Collectible
Spawns a Little Steve at half a heartTrinket
Makes Isaac's tears split in half when they hit somethingPassive Collectible
Your firepower now comes from a new sourcePassive Collectible
Blue mushroom which increases speed and rangePassive Collectible
Surrounds Isaac in a protective bubbleActivated Item
Gives Isaac three times the firepowerPassive Collectible
Irremovable Trinket which sucks the life out of particularly beefy bossesTrinket
An upgraded laserPassive Collectible
Converts Red Hearts into Soul HeartsActivated Item
Turns your tears into bombsPassive Collectible
Makes your tears zigzag across the screenPassive Collectible
A symbol resembling the number of the beast, increases damage and grants Isaac one Soul HeartPassive Collectible
Adds 99 coins to your bank accountPassive Collectible
25% of giving Isaac random mushroom effectsTrinket
???'s starting ItemActivated Item
A Christmas present from KrampusPassive Collectible
Isaac's firepower is quadrupledPassive Collectible
A Brother Bobby-like Familiar which is quite an important part of our main characterTrinket
Spawns a trapdoor to the next floorActivated Item
A Familiar which shoots homing tearsPassive Collectible
Tears up and two Soul Hearts are givenPassive Collectible
25% to get the Compass effect for the duration of the floorTrinket
Angel equivalent to Spirit of the NightPassive Collectible
Spawns blue attack fliesActivated Item
Taking damage could mean you do more damage in returnTrinket
The Headless Horseman's trusty steedActivated Item
All Pill effects are made positivePassive Collectible
Resets the floorActivated Item
Gives you 99 keysPassive Collectible
What remains of a dear pet dog, increases damagePassive Collectible
Blue Familiar, shoots regular tearsPassive Collectible
Syringe that makes everything go fasterPassive Collectible
Summons beams of light from Heaven itselfActivated Item
Destroys one rockActivated Item
A coin Pickup has the chance of doubling its valueTrinket
10% chance to fire a poison tearTrinket
Damage taken is translated into poisonous fartsPassive Collectible
A powerful yet enigmatic item, considered the best in the Angel Room poolPassive Collectible
Spawns several coins and a dignified hatPassive Collectible
A coin Pickup has the chance of spawning a KeyTrinket
Insta-kills Mom, Mom's Heart and It LivesActivated Item
In your future, there is a shot speed upgrade and Tarot card in store for you...Passive Collectible
Combination of Brother Bobby, Little Steve and the PeeperTrinket
Eve's demonic second starting ItemPassive Collectible
Spawns 4 random PillsPassive Collectible
Orbits Isaac, dealing very high damage to those who touch itPassive Collectible
Damage and health-up, from a symbol of sacrificePassive Collectible
Gives Isaac two Heart containers but decreases speedPassive Collectible
Bridges one square wide gapsPassive Collectible
HP upgrade for those with a sweet toothPassive Collectible
Severs your head from your bodyActivated Item
Opens all normal doors in a roomActivated Item
Magdalene's starting ItemActivated Item
Damages all enemies in the roomActivated Item
A Familiar which mirrors your movements and shootingPassive Collectible
Considered the most powerful item in the game, turns tears into guided missilesPassive Collectible
Increases chances of finding BombsTrinket
Damage up which is the larger version of another item dropped by the same BossPassive Collectible
Deploys a decoy IsaacActivated Item
Increases the chance of Soul Hearts spawningPassive Collectible
Blue attack flies spawn when Isaac is hitTrinket
Damage is based on the amount of money you hadPassive Collectible
Small chance to build up damage each time an enemy is killedTrinket
A health-up and flight granter all in onePassive Collectible
Buckles back your belly, speeds you upPassive Collectible
Samson's starting itemPassive Collectible
Increases rangePassive Collectible
A Familiar that shoots spectral tearsPassive Collectible
A speed up as well as a cooking implementPassive Collectible
???'s head, a rare item that grants flightPassive Collectible
Item EffectItem NameItem Type
Damage up out of one eyeballPassive Collectible
Produces a powerful blue flameActivated Item
Dropped by Ultra Pride, increases spawn rate of Red ChestsTrinket
Gives Isaac homing tears for a roomActivated Item
Nothing like an HP upgrade in the morningPassive Collectible
A technologically advanced Familiar which shoots a laserPassive Collectible
Gives Isaac a random PickupActivated Item
Gives you 25 coinsPassive Collectible
Gives Isaac an Eternal Heart at the beginning of every floor it is heldTrinket
HP upgrade to finish the dayPassive Collectible
Syringe which increases speed but NOT rangePassive Collectible
One of your eyeballs floats around the room and damages enemies it comes into contact withPassive Collectible
A Familiar that fires red tears in a triangle patternPassive Collectible
A coin Pickup has the chance of spawning half a red heartTrinket
Some good can come from knuckledustersPassive Collectible
Increases damage at the cost of one heartActivated Item
Reveals rooms but not iconsPassive Collectible
Tears can now temporarily freeze enemiesPassive Collectible
One Soul Heart granted once you reach half a heartPassive Collectible
Allows Isaac to hold 2 TrinketsPassive Collectible
Doubles the speed of your orbiting FamiliarsPassive Collectible
Piercing shotsPassive Collectible
An incredibly powerful item which turns Isaac's tears into the blade which once tried to slay him, one of NorthernLion's favouritesPassive Collectible
Increases the chance of Cards droppingTrinket
The key to the ChestTrinket
Grants one Soul Heart per useActivated Item
Bomb spawning FamiliarPassive Collectible
Reduces shop Item pricesPassive Collectible
Random tear effects every roomPassive Collectible
Taking damage gives you a 20% chance to gain a protective bubblePassive Collectible
An appendage of Cain's starting ItemTrinket
An extra life in the form of a mushroomPassive Collectible
Red orbiting attack flyPassive Collectible
Charged shots deal bigger damagePassive Collectible
10% chance to fire a spectral tearTrinket
Reward for the pure of heartPassive Collectible
Restores health and increases Heart containers by 2Passive Collectible
Turns Isaac into a demonActivated Item
Tears slow down enemiesPassive Collectible
Tears are turned into explosive green projectilesPassive Collectible
Increases chances of red Hearts droppingTrinket
Isaac passes on a terrible illness to every enemy he touchesPassive Collectible
Eve's avian starting ItemPassive Collectible
Increases blast radius and damage of dropped BombsPassive Collectible
Reduces the cost of deals with the DevilTrinket
Vegetarians hate this HP upgradePassive Collectible
Shoots tears in a circle around IsaacActivated Item
A floating bag which spawns coinsPassive Collectible
The life of another is a health-up for youPassive Collectible
Reveals the map and gives a Card or Soul HeartActivated Item
Gives a random chance for tears to be fired in four opposite directionsPassive Collectible
Spawns a random familiar for one roomActivated Item
Increases all stats by onePassive Collectible
A disgusting HP upgradePassive Collectible
Rerolls Items, eventually Isaac's starting ItemActivated Item
Spawns Troll Bombs around the roomActivated Item
A reward from a Blood BankPassive Collectible
Allows you to control when your Bombs go offActivated Item
The King of Familiars, fires randoms tears with every shotPassive Collectible
Gives you power over one guided missileActivated Item
Integral to Challenge 4Passive Collectible
 Passive Collectible
One Red Heart, two Soul Hearts for being such a good IsaacPassive Collectible
Tears act like boomerangsPassive Collectible
HP upgrade intended for MaxPassive Collectible
A portable Blood BankActivated Item
A spiky halo of extra damagePassive Collectible
Homing BombsPassive Collectible
Blue orbiting attack flyPassive Collectible
Causes enemies to retreat for limited timeActivated Item
The downside of having a catPassive Collectible
Taking damage charges your ItemPassive Collectible
Alchemical symbol for sulphur, replaces tears with a chargeable laserPassive Collectible
All Stats Up...but don't do drugsPassive Collectible
A horrible hex is placed upon your bombsPassive Collectible
Item EffectItem NameItem Type
Drops a large bombActivated Item
Higher chance of Soul Heart dropsTrinket
Cain's starting ItemPassive Collectible
Turns Isaac into a suicide bomberActivated Item
Increases rangePassive Collectible
Spills blue Creep when damage is takenPassive Collectible
Rerolls Pickups (coins, bombs, keys etc.)Activated Item
Isaac can fire tears from the back of his headPassive Collectible
Syringe which increases damage and speedPassive Collectible
Increases damage and chance of Devil Rooms spawningPassive Collectible
Damage increaseTrinket
Gives Isaac extra Item chargePassive Collectible
Tears are transformed into a laserPassive Collectible
Damage up, hat size upPassive Collectible
Freezes enemies for limited timeActivated Item
A massive tears upgrade, the first item made for the gamePassive Collectible
Teleports the player to safety when brought down to half a heartTrinket
Increases speed and number of feetTrinket
10 extra BombsPassive Collectible
Increases the chances of Golden Chests spawningActivated Item
Allows you to see through wallsPassive Collectible
Slows all enemies in a roomActivated Item
Grants two black fly orbitalsPassive Collectible
5% chance to spawn a ghostly bird when an enemy diesTrinket
The Bible is more likely to show up in shopsPassive Collectible
Damage up found inside tinted rocksPassive Collectible
Monstro comes to your aidActivated Item
Allows easy access to the secret roomsPassive Collectible
Gives Isaac a random Tarot or Suite CardActivated Item
A red Familiar, the most powerfulPassive Collectible
Throws a head in the direction Isaac facesActivated Item
Has a random Activated Item effectActivated Item
Increases shot speed in what looks like a very painful wayPassive Collectible
Massive tears upgrade, as well as a tragic illnessTrinket
Fandom has its rewards, all it took was a spinning disc of death...Passive Collectible
Increases Pill spawn rateTrinket
Gives Isaac one Eternal Heart upon useActivated Item
Killing monsters heals youPassive Collectible
Permanent homing tearsPassive Collectible
Teleports Isaac to a random roomActivated Item
Increases range and damagePassive Collectible
Conquest sits upon this stallionActivated Item
An Arcade in your pocketActivated Item
Turns Isaac into PacManActivated Item
Grants flight and spectral tearsPassive Collectible
Chub's little sister, a grub FamiliarPassive Collectible
Horned Familiar which operates like an automated turretPassive Collectible
Grants Isaac flightPassive Collectible
Improves chances of Keys or Gold Chests spawningTrinket
Creates a small pool of yellow CreepActivated Item
A shot speed upgrade - no - THE shot speed upgradePassive Collectible
A coin Pickup has the chance of spawning a BombTrinket
A blue cross that spawns Soul HeartsPassive Collectible
Spawns 1 of each PickupPassive Collectible
Good noose - you can fly!Passive Collectible
Gives you 99 bombs to make the world burnPassive Collectible
Reduces damage taken to half a heartPassive Collectible
Dropped by C.H.A.DPassive Collectible
Downgrade of the MulliganPassive Collectible
Makes Isaac fart a cloud of poison gasActivated Item
A black blob of a Familiar which slows enemiesPassive Collectible
Damages all enemies at the cost of half a heartActivated Item
Judas' starting ItemActivated Item
Reduces time taken to charge an ItemPassive Collectible
Flies are now your BFFsPassive Collectible
A painful tears upPassive Collectible
Reveals all special roomsPassive Collectible
Spawns a random PillActivated Item
Increases rangePassive Collectible
Makes Pickups gravitate toward IsaacPassive Collectible
Has a chance of healing Isaac after clearing a roomTrinket
Makes your tears huge - and hugely powerfulPassive Collectible
Poison tearsPassive Collectible
Some tears are turned into blue attack fliesPassive Collectible
A greedy Familiar who takes money and occasionally decides to reward you with terrible itemsPassive Collectible
Makes your tears spectralPassive Collectible

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