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What is the surname of Marinette's crush?A
An akuma is essentially a corrupted...?B
What is Chat Noir's special power?C
What is Marinette's surname?D
What is Ladybug's Miraculous?E
Adrien's 2D counterpart is called?F
Who does Jagged Stone become when akumatized (English)?G
In the English dub, Mylène is akumatized and becomes what villain?H
What is the name of the musician Adrien and Marinette both share a liking for?J (there aren't many I answers!)
What is the name of the boy who became 'The Magician of Misfortune', briefly seen at the beginning of 'Princess Fragrance'?J
Which of Marinette's classmates had a crush on Chloe, and was also akumatized in the episode 'Dark Cupid'?K
Alya runs what website?L
Although it is normally referred to as 'Miraculous Ladybug', what is the full English name of the show, which appears in the title sequence of every episode?M
QuestionAnswerBegins with
Who is Adrien's best friend?N
What is the only episode in which Ladybug doesn't say 'Miraculous Ladybug!'?O
The villain Animan primarily takes the form of what animal?P
The Miraculous of which animal is seen inside Gabriel Agreste's safe?P (there aren't many Q answers!)
What are the akumatized objects in 'Timebreaker'?R
Ivan became what akumatized villain in 'Origins I' and 'Origins II'?S
In the English dub, what does Ladybug exclaim after saying; 'No more evildoing for you, little akuma...'?T
What is the name of the video game Marinette achieves the high score in (seen in 'Gamer')?U
In 'Mr. Pigeon', what does Ladybug operate with the coin she got from Lucky Charm?V
Miraculous! Simply the best! Up to the test, when things go...?W
Mr. Pigeon's civilian name is?X
What is Ladybug's main weapon?Y
What is the name of Ivan's favourite band?Z

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