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What creature transforms civilians into supervillains?A
What is the Mayor's and Chloe's surname?B
Who is Paris' feline-like protector?C
What is the name of episode 12 of season 1?D
Jagged Stone asks Marinette to buy glasses in the shape of what?E
Country in which the show is set?F
Name of Adrien's reclusive father?G
What is the English name of the show's main villain?H
When Sabrina was akumatized she became whom?I
Which girl thinks she is cursed never to be in a school photograph?J
What are the sprite-like creatures which help Marinette, Adrien and others transform? K
What is the name of Ladybug's special ability?L
Who does Marinette often babysit?M
QuestionAnswerBegins with
Who is Hawkmoth's Kwami?N
What is the subtitle for the final two episodes of season 1?O
What is the name of Adrien's Kwami?P
What is the name of the superhero team Ladybug and Chat Noir were originally going to be a part of?Q
What piece of jewelery is Chat Noir's Miraculous?R
What does Marinette need to say when she wishes to transform into Ladybug?S
Which Kwami was revealed to be over 5,000 years old in 'The Pharaoh'?T
What item does Adrien offer Marinette when leaving school in Origins Part 2?U
Who does Lila become when akumatized?V
What is the name of the Kwami belonging to Master Fu?W
Who calls Jagged Stone 'a dinosaur'?X
Complete this lyrics from the extended English opening: 'Oh oh oh, oh no...'Y
What company is one of the co-producers of the show?Z

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