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Forced Order
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Michael does his 'fake stairway' joke
Michael has Ryan come in early just to bring him breakfast
Dwight brings a dead goose in the office
Dwight gives Jim a fake demerit for being late.
Michael pretends he doesn't feel good to avoid busy work.
Michael hits Meredith with his car.
The office is focused on the cube bouncing around the TV screen
Michael acts like he is in 'The Devil Wears Prada'
Michael has Pam bring him fake phone messages during meetings.
Michael gets gum in his hair.
Michael wants to adopt a Chinese baby
Michael puts his face -print in wet cement.
Jim puts Dwight's stuff in the vending machine
Michael hides under a desk and pretends to be the voice of Hannah's baby
Jim pairs Dwight's phones to his headset
Michael tackles Jim over excitement about the engagement
Dwight pretends to give birth to a watermelon
Multiple people show up with 'The Joker' costumes
Michael tries to lie about being engaged to Holly
Ryan answers all of Dwight's riddles easily
Sales team says lies into Dwight's tape recorder
Michael freaks out when he discovers Toby is back
Jim pops Dwight's fitness orb which he is using for a chair.
JIm makes a hollow model of Dwight's desk out of wrapping paper.
The office runs down the road by a traffic radar
Jim sends Dwight faxes as 'Future Dwight'
Jim puts a fake red wire in Dwight's computer
Dwight causes fake fire to test everyone
Michael makes a 'how to' video for his future son
Michael and Dwight are throwing a football and Dwight takes it over-board.
The 'Whats up dog?' joke
Jim gives Dwight mints whenever his computer makes a noise.
Michael discovers the PDA function on the phones
Jim and Pam act weird to scare away a phone salesman
Michael fails at a magic trick
Knock-Knock KGB jokes.
Michael's 'Fun Jeans'
JIm wears a tuxedo to work to mess with Dwight
Dwight stops Roy from attacking Jim.
Kevin tries to be a receptionist
Andy returns and wants to be called Drew.
Catching cheese balls with their mouth montage
Jim puts Dwight's desk in the bathroom.
Michael names his computer and uses the voice application to make jokes
Michael is staring at Ryan in a very creepy way.
Dwight pays Erin to say she won an art contest to mess with Pam
Jim impersonates Dwight.
Michael realizes he has been suckered into a pyramid scheme.
The office tricks Michael to believe that it is 5 pm while he sleeps
The office watches Varsity Blues for movie Monday
Michael thinks the IT guy is a terrorist.

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