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When was the World Bank founded?
How much money did Canada give the World Bank in 2009?
What main initiative did the World Bank support?
Whats the 'Parent' company of the World Bank?
How many member countries are there?
What is their motto?
Where is the head office?
Main Objective 1
Main Objective 2
Main Objective 3
Main Objective 4
How many employees are in the World Bank?
What is the CAS?
When did Canada join the World Bank?
What controversial demand does the World Bank have before helping a country?
Who is Canada's Governor to the World Bank?
How many Canadians work at the World Bank?
What location is the hardest place for the World Bank to do business?
Out of the main objectives, which was achieved in Africa and the Middle East?
Where did the World Bank bomb in the 1990's over Water?
World Bank is said to do the 'bidding' of what country?
What sector of the World Bank focuses solely on water privatization?
What arm of the World Bank deals with loans?
In general, does the World Bank avoid helping 3rd world countries? Yes or No
What European nation has received a lot of help from the World Bank in recent years?
Is the World Bank a non profit organization? Yes or No.
True or False, South America received NO assistance from the World Bank in the last decade
What does IDA stand for?
When was the IDA created?
What is the other name for the World Bank?

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