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Down in the depths of my fiery home
Dear Mother Dear Father what is this Hell you have put me through
Take a look to the sky just before you die It is the last time you will
Messenger of fear in sight. Dark deception kills the light
The Horseman are drawing nearer, on leather steeds they ride
Dealing out the agony within
Lay beside me, tell me what they've done
Feel thy name Extermination
I'm your dream, make you real
Fortune, fame. Mirror vain
No life to leather, we are gonna kick some ass tonight
On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha
Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire
I don't know how to live through this hell
Late at night all systems go you've come to see the show
Born to push you around, better just stay down
If I could have my wasted days back, would I use them to get back on track?
Halls of justice painted green, money talkin'
Do unto to others, as they've done to you
Flash before my eyes, now it's time to die
We are scanning the scene in the city tonight
How can I be lost, if I've got nowhere to go?
Darkness, imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror
When you are the ostracized selfish, written, dead goodbyes
So close no matter how far
Sleep and dream of this, death angel's kiss
What I've felt, what I've known never shined through in what I've shown
End of passion play, crumbling away
And the road becomes my bride
Crawl from the wreckage one more time
And it feels right this time on this crash course with the big time
Smashing through the boundaries lunacy has found me
Sleepin' very soundly on a Saturday morning I was dreaming I was Al Capone
F*ck it all f*ckin' no regrets I hit the lights on these dark sets
Just want one thing Just to play the king
Dream the same thing everynight, I see our freedom in my sight
These are the eyes that can't see me

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