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Can you name the most Iconic HSMC Math Camp Things?

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Iconic Things. Answer
If you turned in 5 receipts you could get this
The man who thought everything was great
When you needed more food, this was the place
What everyone calls Austen
I Don't know about you ...
Mrs. Bestfriends Friend
we got exactly 3 oz from here
It got closed down half way through camp
Jose and Brandon did this till 3am everyday
'Too much to Handle'
The little rock
Had the best food ever. YA no.
On Mondays this was the place to be.
Marocs' Favorite instrument
Iconic Things. Answer
The places we would spend every night until we couldn't be there anymore
What song was most Iconic song from camp? *It was played at the Talent show *
'Where did my --- go?'
'I dunno'
Went to it late at night, very famous for having really long and slow lines at night.
Jovanny was really bad at playing this game
The thing we did every weekend in Jose room until 11pm
The letter we all knew from camp
The man who never argued at all
'Standing burns more calories'
Tkel's Fav Person!
What kind of music did we torturer Emily with?
During Movies Tkel did this

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