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QUIZ: Can you name the Hunger Games Characters by TV Tropes?

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Weak But Skilled, Too Clever By Half, In-Series Nickname
Eternally Pearly-White Teeth, Fun Personified, The Host
Action Girl, Promoted to Parent, The Hunter
Shameless Fanservice Girl, Jerkass Fa├žade, Will Not Be a Victim
Iron Lady, La Resistance, Shoot the Hostage
Cynical Mentor, Deadpan Snarker, The Alcoholic
Evil Gloating, The Dragon, Knife Nut
Slave to PR, You Have Failed Me, Beard of Evil
Tall Dark and Handsome, Rebellious Spirit, Manly Men Can Hunt
The Fashionista, Cultured Badass, Costume Porn
Lawful Evil, Would Hurt a Child, Something About A Rose
Friend to All Living Things, Morality Pet, The Medic
The Heart, Nice Guy, Unskilled but Strong
Stepford Smiler, Schedule Fanatic, Skewed Priorities
Blond Guys are Evil, Tyke Bomb, Hair-Trigger Temper
Break the Cutie, The Ophelia, Wartime Wedding
Fragile Speedster, Replacement Goldfish, Kill the Cutie
Femme Fatale, Dark Chick, Everyone Loves Blondes
The Quiet One, Debt Detester, Token Black
Casanova, Prongs of Poseidon, The Lancer

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